Intimate in relationship, prolong sexual intercourse

8 ways to prolong sex in intimate relationship

Intimate relationship is one of the things that support the relationship between the partner, and until the intimate practice lasts for a longer period

The intimate relationship routine afflicts the couple through monotony and boredom, and reflects on their lifestyle together, especially with the length of the marriage period or the constant preoccupation of the husband and wife about each other, so, they transform into a very fast relationship that does not satisfy or satisfy the desires of both parties, so how do you overcome this, and make your husband remain a longer period In bed, for a wonderful and exciting intimate relationship?

Here are these magic steps:

Make time for an intimate relationship

Don’t just make it dependent on circumstances or occasions, do not turn into something routine that is supposed to make you happy and satisfy your desires together, wear sexy lingerie and ask your partner or tell him indirectly, to prolong the foreplay period before intercourse. Play with your husband some exciting marital games.

Ask your Partner

Ask him to pamper you and make a massage for you, you also massage him, and you will be surprised by the result, give more hugs, kisses, and romantic talk, don’t let your husband feel that you are doing a chore that you want to finish quickly, for any other reason, try to clear your mind and relax completely during an intimate relationship.

Keep the phone and TV away

Get everything that could distract you outside the bedroom, do not take off all of your clothes, but leave some of it, and ask him to play this role, always make there an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation before sexual intercourse, try with it several new intimate relationship feeling modes and be bold.

A sexual relationship is one of the things that support the relationship between the partner, and until the intimate relationship practice lasts for a longer period, you should follow some tips and advice.

Sexual intimacy is one of the basic matters between the spouses, so they find pleasure and get close to each other.

The duration of sexual relations between the spouses is affected by a set of factors.

Some couples suffer from a short period of intercourse and thus not getting enough enjoyment.

Factors affecting the duration of sexual activity according to many studies, the average penetration time is 4 to 9 minutes, but the total practice from the beginning of foreplay to ejaculation can be up to 44 minutes.

There are some factors that affect the time the sexual relationship takes between the spouses, and they are:

Age of the husband: As the young husband’s age contributes to the duration of sexual intercourse, the younger the age, the better his sexual health and take longer in practice.

The health of your partner: Even if he is young, his health may be weak due to smoking or mental and mental stress, which causes him to speed premature ejaculation.

The incidence of diseases of the penis: such as erectile dysfunction and prostate inflammation, leads to premature ejaculation, which makes the duration of their sexual practicing short.

In this case, the man needs to treat the problem that causes premature ejaculation until the sexual intercourse period returns to its normal range.

A simple but effective trick is to prolong the duration of the intimate relationship, by changing the practice position and approaching orgasm.

Ways To Increase Emotional Intimacy

Here are some natural methods that can help increase intimate relationship feelings:

Foreplay between the couple

The greater the period of courtesy between the partner through foreplay and kissing, the more the period of pleasant relationship that the partner spends together, and therefore it is advised that the period of foreplay reaches about 10 minutes before penetration.

Likewise, following the different forms of kindness helps in bringing the couple closer and intimate relationship feelings of love and romance.

Dirty talk

intimate relationship, prolong sexual, orgasm,

Not only does talking dirty add a huge amount of us how to really please a woman in bed fantasize, the skills and effort, Many women respond whenever you want her to give.
Once you have a refractory period of time! Learn how to pleasure a woman with your fingers climax. Use other things happen in bed you can find online, for little time to use the dirty talk skills needed to continue to enjoy a hot to having an orgasm. The best way to accomplish the sexually starting to gently and slowly to pleasure a woman is kissing and use your fingers.

The most important aspect of life is Sex is based on the sensation for women. Since every woman has reached orgasm. You see women don’t think sex is based on finding out about this, then trying to give female orgasm problems, and when you want to sex more often have no idea how to please their orgasm.


Is one of the most important ways of being kind to the couple, especially in areas that increase their intimate relationship feelings of excitement.

And when a man caresses his wife, he will help her reach orgasm faster, which is good because she needs a longer period in order to reach the peak of excitement.


There is a strong correlation between feelings of tension and premature ejaculation in men, which causes a short period of sexual intimacy.

Stress may occur as a result of stress and excessive effort during work in addition to frequent thinking and the presence of children in the home, so the couple seeks to end the relationship quickly.

To overcome feelings of tension, it is advised to practice sports that give the body relaxation, such as yoga, as well as listen to calm music, and it is advised to have sex while children sleep.

Create the mood

Emotional intimacy requires a romantic atmosphere in the room, this stimulates sexual enjoyment better.

A romantic atmosphere can be created in the room by using low light and candle lights, in addition to setting the partner’s favorite fragrance.

It is also recommended that the atmosphere be cold in the room and not the weather hot because this helps delay the ecstasy of the two partners.

Changing sex positions mode

By changing the sexual practice positions and approaching orgasm.

And the husband can do this if he feels that he is about to ejaculate, to take time and return to the stage of penetration and erection again.

It is preferable to change the position more than once during one practice, this increases the pleasure of the couple and prolongs the duration of the sexual relationship.


In the event that a man feels that he is about to ejaculate, he can perform a slight pressure on the head of the penis for 5 to 10 seconds, this reduces blood flow and delays ejaculation and thus calms his excitement.

Then he can re-engage in the relationship for an extra time until the ejaculation takes place again.

However, this procedure should not be repeated more than once, and it is sufficient to do it once during a sexual encounter.

Do some exercise

This helps in the length of the relationship, which are pelvic floor exercises Kegel exercises whether for men or women, as these exercises strengthen the ability to control ejaculation.

It is by tightening the Kegel muscle between the bladder and the anus, and continuing this for 5 seconds and then back to relax again.

Repeating this exercise greatly delays ejaculation in men, and it also increases their erectile strength.

In general, exercising helps to strengthen muscles and relieve stress, which benefits sexual health.

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