tolerance, forgiveness in relationship

Tolerance is the key to a successful relationship

Tolerance and forgiveness can improve your relationships forever, tolerance is one of the highest good morals, which is forgiveness when being able, and stay away from resentment and hatred.

Tolerance is one of the highest good morals, which is pardoning the ability, leniency and giving up resentment and hatred. When you retrieve old memories and evoke a sad situation or cause anger, then negative feelings will return once again to revive the distress of the past and perhaps hatred, and then the person needs more ability to control psychological pressure, but With tolerance, things happen in a much simpler way than they are.

So the person accepts others around him and deals with all situations and differences with respect, although tolerance is easy to learn, its application needs strength and reconciliation with the self, and the realization that the life of the world is short, and it has no awareness if it ends, it will not be returned, and tolerance has many benefits, it achieves balance in the spiritual force, which in turn improves mental balance, which is followed by the balance in feelings and sensations, and finally

The human balance occurs, and the steps of tolerance are started first by realizing the internal source of change, with a focus on benefit and learning one of the lessons of life if there are positive skills gained from the lessons of life, it must be added to the educational outcome to flourish and replace the negative feelings, and in the end, each person will get the happiness that everyone aspires, and in this article, we will talk about how to apologize from the pain delicacy and ignition created tolerance.

Tolerance and forgiveness can improve your relationships

tolerance, forgiveness, tolerance in relationship,

How to apologize to a girlfriend!

An apology is one of tools that is used to maintain friendships and social relationships, it is not just a word, but an expression of respect and concern for the feelings of the opposite party, and shows the extent of sympathy with others, and the willingness to confront and atone for error, then the person feels a great improvement and internal satisfaction,

Here is how to apologize friendly and nicely :

Find out the reason for the apology

Knowing the reason for apology is the first step at which an apology begins when a person can coordinate his apology, and one of these reasons are harassing the person with or without intent, or wasting something important to him or destroying it, or fabricating lies and spreading rumors about him or his loved one, or breaking important rules that were agreed upon intentionally, or breaking deadlines, and all are reasons for apologizing.

Take responsibility

Guilt must be recognized when making an apology and taking responsibility for the wrong that the person committed toward his girlfriend in full, just as he has to be prepared to bear all the consequences, and it is always preferable not to multiply the justifications because they will show that the person is defensive and strips himself of responsibility, except that the submission of justifications for the wrong act is worse than not apologizing per se because it would mean that a person is not rightfully sorry.

Quickly apologize

Once a person feels that he harmed the feelings of his girlfriend, it is best to hurry to apologize to her, and not to postpone the matter for a later time because that will make it more difficult to apologize, reduce the importance of the topic and persuade the person himself there is no reason to apologize and that what he did not deserve all of this, which leads to end the relationship between friends.

Create an apology plan

An apology plan can be developed before, it is done to coordinate all thoughts and express feelings correctly, and some points or sentences can be written down on a sheet of paper, then read aloud in front of the mirror, and can be repeated many times to break the embarrassment barrier or to paraphrase and express expression of apology.

Make a direct apology

It is always preferable to provide an apology directly, face to face, and if it is not possible to be in the same location, it is possible to talk to the girlfriend on the phone or use one of the smart applications, and usually, the friend is hosted in a specific place and bring flowers to her with a nice card, or chocolate with coffee an intelligent movement to relieve anxiety and stress.

The power of sincere apology

tolerance, forgiveness in relationship

The most important thing in the apology is that it stems from the heart expressing the sincerity of feelings and real regret at the same time and that it is not merely to improve the image of the individual in front of his girlfriend because it will seem far from the truth, just as the sincere apology is intending to change with the necessity of telling the girlfriend not to repeat the mistake, be aware and alert to the person’s speech the next time.

Politely apologize

It is preferable to choose polite words when starting to apologize, and it is not permissible to use the sarcastic method or to make jokes, and in return must be serious and express apology clearly, with the need to tell her the true reason behind the mistake that disturbed her.

Express the power of friendship

It is important to express the strength of the relationship or friendship that unit you together, and to tell her how proud you are and how grateful you are for your friendship when you apologize and to express it in modestly and honestly, will enhance the credibility of the apology, and enhance the bond of friendship.

Listen to a girlfriend

It is a good idea to listen calmly to the friend’s response after apologizing and asking for regret and allowing her to express her pain or anger that she felt, bearing in mind that she will not be blamed later.

Request pardon

After saying what a person had to say, he should ask for forgiveness from his girlfriend by asking her a simple question, such as,

Do you forgive me?”

can you forgive my mistake?

These sentences would show the extent of the person’s regret, and the friend would be comfortable, and happy, and if the friend accepted the apology, the happiness of the hug could be shown, and if she needed some time or was not forgiven, the space could be cleared for her to rethink, so at least the person satisfied himself and expressed the extent of his dissatisfaction and regret for his mistake, and care must be taken not to pressure her and force her to forgive because that will not work.

Forgive your self! It is preferable to learn from mistakes and focus on fixing the situation and moving forward and returning things to the right level, and not re-mentioning the error, self-blame, and self-criticism over and over again, because it will make the matter worse.

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