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A Sexless marriage:The truth and the dangers

Several health damages occur due to sexless marriage for a long time,‭ ‬and therefore,‭ ‬the partners must regular sexual activity

A sexless marriage can cause a lot of physical and psychological problems, Several health damages occur due to stopping sexual intercourse for a long time, and therefore, the partners must regular sexual intercourse. Some husbands are forced to refrain from sexless marriage in a relationship for a long time,‭ ‬due to the travel of one of them,‭ ‬or the presence of a health problem or differences between the spouses that make them in a sexless marriage.‭

“Sex makes you healthy” The study conducted by the scientists found that the human body increases the production of antibodies “immunoglobulin A” in people who have sex twice a week. This substance helps directly in the common cold and increases the general defenses of the body.

There is a benefit to treating the common cold with having sex, which is sleep. The hormone oxytocin that the body produces during sexual activity works to make us sleep a calm and deep sleep. During sleep peacefully, our immune system begins to work very effectively in eliminating viruses and foreign pathogens on the body.

It is normal for us to feel so tired in cases of colds that the desire for sex is somewhat low. In this case, it may help to ask your partner to take the lead. But you must pay attention here not to transmit the infection to him or her, that is, to prevent the exchange of hot kisses.

9 Health problems in a sexless marriage‭

‬Weakness in your immune system

Having sex regularly helps strengthen the immune system, which increases the body’s ability to fight diseases. Researchers have found there is an association between disease and staying in bed for long periods, and lack of intimate exercise, where the concentration of antibodies to those who have sex increases at least once a week.

Reduced energy and activity

As a result of the constant physical activity during the intimate relationship,‭ ‬the couple feels that they are full of energy and activity at different times.‭ ‬
As for the sexless relationship,‭ ‬it leads to a tendency to laziness and inactivity,‭ ‬and get used to it over time. ‬also,‭ ‬sex activity is considered a sports exercise that helps in reducing weight,‭ ‬and moving all parts of the body,‭ ‬and therefore regularity will ensure the maintenance of physical fitness.‭

‬Malfunction of neurons

Sex also affects mental performance and increased neuron production to improve mental capabilities memories,‭ ‬and brain functions.‭
And when you are into a sexless marriage,‭ ‬these functions will decrease in normal functioning.‭ ‬

‬Atrophy of the vagina and penis

An important benefit of intimate exercise is to maintain a healthy vagina and not have atrophied,‭ ‬but in the event of a sexless relationship,‭ ‬signs of aging often appear early,‭ ‬because it loses strength.‭ ‬
the same applies to the penis, ‬the muscles of the reproductive organs,‭ ‬like any other muscle in the body,‭ ‬need constant movement to maintain their fitness and function better.‭ ‬

Pain ‬during sexual intercourse

sexless marriage

These increases in women,‭ ‬when she’s in a sexless relationship for a long time,‭ ‬the vagina will become more narrow,‭ ‬and when the intimate practice between the spouses returns,‭ ‬it will be painful for the woman to take the vagina in a position consistent with the penis.‭

Among the benefits of sexual activity for women is to relieve menstrual pain and the severity of convulsions that may accompany the menstrual cycle, as women’s sexual tremors in normal sexual life may help stimulate uterine muscle contractions, which may facilitate the exit may also help blood flow in the menstrual cycle, And the hormones that it produces constantly during sexual intercourse to stimulate body relaxation and relieve menstrual pain.

‬‬Weak pelvic floor muscles

Another health problem caused by sexless marriage is the pelvic floor muscles are weakened,‭ ‬as a result of not moving for long periods,‭ ‬and they become greatly relaxed.‭ ‬In the event of an urgent cessation of sex,‭ ‬it is advised to do Kegel exercises that give the pelvic muscles the strength they need.‭

‬‬Increased anxiety and stress

Psychological effects caused by stopping intercourse, as sex helps relieve feelings of anxiety and stress in a couple. Also, regular exercise helps to stimulate blood circulation better. The body stops secreting endorphins, the hormone responsible for feeling happy and satisfied. 8- Sleeping difficulties Intimate practice helps to sleep easily and especially after exercise, as the prolactin hormone produced after intercourse causes feelings of relaxation and drowsiness. Likewise, stress due to a lack of sexual activity will lead to frequent bedtime thinking, anxiety, and insomnia.

Some psychologists believe that sexual activity makes us happier. There is a Scottish study indicating that sex reduces stress and negative feelings, and it is known that there are hormones secreted by the body during the sexual process, which are dopamine and serotonin, which are happy hormones that have a clear effect on mood, as they work on Improve it.

However, the relationship between sex and depression remains controversial. Depression leads to a loss of sexual desire, similar to the effect of antidepressant drugs, which works to reduce desire, but the woman or man’s feeling that his partner does not want him sexually leads to feelings of depression, so does not have sex lead to depression, or is that Depression affects sexual desire and causes it to subside? A question that is still under discussion, therefore, if you are not interested in sex or have lost your sense of the pleasure associated with it, and you feel sad or depressed, you should see a doctor.

‬Sleeping difficulties

sexless marriage, sexual activity, orgasm ,vagina

Intimate practice helps to sleep easily and especially after exercise,‭ ‬as the prolactin hormone produced after intercourse causes feelings of relaxation and drowsiness.‭ ‬Likewise,‭ ‬stress due to a lack of sexual activity will lead to frequent bedtime thinking,‭ ‬anxiety,‭ ‬and insomnia.

Relieving migraine headaches

Migraine is one of the most severe types of pain. This is because it is difficult to tolerate and cure, and women often cite a headache in order to apologize to her partner for having sex, but a study published in the journal “Cephalalgia” showed that one-third of women who had sex while suffering from a migraine attack got rid of the pain. This means that orgasm gets in the way of the headache and stops the pain, and the reason for this is because the orgasm secretes strong endorphins, which act as a pain reliever, and that sex makes the blood vessels expand, which works to reduce the severity of some types of headaches.

Finally, some studies indicate that having sex at a regular time may have a positive effect on the brain and memory, so failure to have intercourse at a regular pace may deprive the brain of this type of benefit and may allow the breakdown of brain cells and increase the chance of memory diseases.

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