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The most common marriage problems and best solution

– Marriage Infidelity.

– Marriage Sexual problems.

– Difference in values and beliefs.

– The widening gap in the life experience between the spouses.

– The shocking circumstances of life.

which is an exam for both couples, if one of the couples does not have sufficient knowledge to act with others.

-The pressures of marriage life, whether financial, societal, family or health.

– Boredom

– Jealousy

Personality differs from person to person based on multiple genetic, environmental, and social factors, and maybe a source for attracting partners by enhanced compatibility and harmony in behaviors, hobbies and desires, but sometimes one needs to change the behavior of his partner which may affect on him or his relationship with others!

It is something that requires understanding the person and understanding the reason for his behavior and nature is a good way to find the appropriate way to correct him, with the necessity of being patient and strong will, and his faith and confidence in himself, in addition to accepting others’ help when needed.

How to change the character of the husband?

There Are many ways that a wife can follow to change her husband’s character for a better-marriage life, changing the character of the husband isn’t impossible and can be done by the following:

Understanding the personality of the husband.

The real reason behind the husband’s refusal to change his character, or the difficulty of his change, maybe the wife’s lack of understanding of his personality and his way of thinking, and therefore it is her duty to try to understand it as much as possible, and it can also reconsider his character and be tolerant with it, and consider the possibility of accepting some differences between them,

In addition to wanting to help him instead of disagreeing with him, she deals with him nicely and in a gentle way that encourages him to listen to her to change himself to satisfy her and gain her affection, and maintain their marriage happiness.

Communication in the marital relationship

Couple communication is the basis of Marital relationships and is a key factor that supports the understanding of the couple, and helps them to harmonize more and overcome differences calmly and smoothly. It also encourages the husband to respond to his wife’s desire and change some of his characters to restore the balance of the relationship and maintain their marriage life.

Purposeful dialogue between the couple

listening to each other, and giving him the opportunity to express his point of view, and not boycott him, even if the views differ between them. Being open to ideas and the couple accepts the idea of a difference between them, it is not necessary that they always think the same way, and this friendly difference does not spoil the marriage life as long as respect prevails.

Avoid anger

Or negative thinking, especially when there is a contradiction or a difference in views between the couple, and on the other hand it is possible to take a break and stop the discussion for a period of time according to the situation, as one of the partners can leave the place, to inhale the fresh air, and taking a deep breath to maintain his focus, restore his thoughts balance, and eliminate stress and tension.

Help him change for the better

The wife’s role is not limited to advising the husband, telling him the characteristics that must be changed, but she must stand by him and support him for the change, so do not blame him or talk to him in a polite manner that offends him, or hurt his feelings, and she tries as much as possible to express her love and acceptance to him, but she wants to see him as the best husband, and the ideal good father who guides his children, and thus raises his spirits,

especially when he feels frustrated or difficult, and stresses his determination, urges him to be patient and persevering, and increases his self-confidence and his ability to change negative attributes, and shows him She is proud of him and trusted her steadfast steps and its ability to progress and reform their marriage.

Set boundaries in a relationship

Although the wife appreciates the great position of her husband, and her belief in the great role in leading the family and advancement in it, there are limits that both spouses must respect, and not exceeding them under the pretext of nature or the way of thinking, and the type of personalities, which are things that they must agree on, and emphasize the commitment to them at the beginning of the Marriage, to ensure the maintenance of its stability and balance later,

Including the existence of a special space for each of the spouses, and the presence of some individual freedom and privacy between them, provided that they are not used in a way that harms the feelings of the other or annoys him or threatens their marriage life.

Mutual trust and honesty between the spouses, and respect for each other’s partner, avoid lies, fraud, betrayal, or other methods that destroy trust between them. Avoid abuse and violence in all its forms, and emphasize constructive dialogue as a weapon to protect the marriage and maintain their stability, establishing personal limits and controls for both spouses that prevent any of them from insulting his partner, exceeding literature with him, or exceeding the agreed limits.

The wife accepts to change herself as well

As the wife’s need to change her husband imposes on her self-control over her attributes and behaviors, and her acceptance of change for the better as well, listening to his point of view, and caring for his view, so she resorts to changing the behaviors that disturb him, and this supports the principle of equality between spouses; and strengthen the marital relationship.

just as the wife’s admission of her mistakes and needs to reform herself raises her destiny in front of her husband and increases his respect for her, and he listens and accepts her advice.

Convincing a stubborn husband to change

Here are some important tips that help the wife change the character of the stubborn husband, who refuses to listen to her or accept her criticism:

Control of her emotions and reactions when conducting dialogue with him, as talking to a stubborn person may cause anger, and needs to control nerves.

Avoid blaming him and telling him that he is wrong but using intelligence, sophistication, and calm, just like playing chess that is done with patience and smart moves, and making him fall with strong evidence and proofs that compel him to admit wrong, and the necessity of change. 

Choosing the appropriate time to talk to the husband, the wife does not speak to him immediately upon his return tired from work, or when he is busy, but creates conditions for him and a suitable place to conduct a meaningful discussion when convincing him to change.

Tips to enhanced communication between spouses

The couple can improve communication between them in a way that closes them more, and help them to achieve a healthy and happy marriage life, through the following advice:

Honesty between the couples speaking from the heart honestly and clearly, not using any hint methods, and emphasizing the use of polite methods when informing the partner the things that bother you. 

Set aside time for conversation between the couples, sit quietly together, and exchange discussion about the differences and obstacles that he went through to emphasize the principle of dialogue, and at the same time listen to the feelings of the partner, and help understand him more. 

Emphasizing asking questions to understand each other, not expecting the answer or guessing the reason for his actions, but rather asking him to ensure that there is no misunderstanding.

Abandoning the idea of perfection, or that a person is always right, mistakes are human nature that we must accept and strive to correct these mistakes and correct the behavior.

Sexual Satisfaction

The husband may be unhappy with his sexual performance, or perhaps you are not satisfied with your husband’s sexual performance, and he may have felt that way, which caused him distress,

You have to be smart, clever and aware in this matter, because staying away from sexual activity for a long period may lead to horrific results, as it may become a normal habit over time, and this is what no woman wants, and then it becomes difficult to return to sexual intercourse again after the long break between spouses,

So you should not let this matter pass without finding radical solutions to this matter, and you have to make plans to continue Creating intimacy, emotional intimacy, as well as having regular sex and devise new exciting and surprising intimate methods so that your husband remains in a state of passion and attraction towards you, and here comes your role in keeping this relationship in Continuous activity and giving him lessons in practicing and increasing intimacy to reach satisfaction, and you have to read and follow the latest methods and innovations in stimulating the husband and the continuity of the intimate relationship for a happy marital life.

Create an exciting atmosphere for him at home and when you take him to the bedroom, let him be surprised by what you have prepared for him from an exciting fantasy atmosphere. Never take off your clothes directly, Use the exciting words that any man would like to hear from his beloved one.

Talk dirty to him, whisper in his ears words that make him faint and feel intimate, describing his penis as Your best friend since you met, put in his ears exciting phrases that make him lose his mind, the inspiration and excitement in the mind of any man, and you need only to remind him of it because its impact on the man’s ears is stronger than the Katyusha rockets.

Tell him, for example, yesterday while you were out of the house, I wished you’d left me your penis, play with him until you come back home, do not forget the charming smiles while talking and arousing him constantly, wear light and sexy clothes, and do not forget to play with his hair and keep touching him smoothly during the conversation, stay in this atmosphere of excitement for half an hour or more before start having sex.

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