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The Dirty Talk And The Orgasm Mystery

Dirty talk is part of foreplay and may be peppered with lively and exciting sexual characteristics, sexual jokes and commands, and “rude” words. Dirty talk can be whispered in your partner’s ear, revealed over the phone, or written in a letter. What if we delved into those definitions? Some people may not admit to using dirty talk with their partner during sexual intercourse, out of shame and fear of being viewed as perverted.

But who said that dirty talk belongs to the taboo category in the social definition of sex? After all, it is just a description of what the person does for their partner during sex, or what they will do or what they have done. If you think you are alone in using dirty talk in bed, take a look at these studies.

What do the studies say about ”Dirty Talk”?

Late last year, Archives of Sexual Behavior the academic journal published a study by scientist Peter Johnson and his team on the whimsical talk of lovers. The result was that 92% of the people who participated in it utter sexual expressions while making love. 52% of them are women between the ages of 19 and 68 years, and 79% of all participants are in a stable relationship, 88% of them are heterosexual, 7% are intersex, and 4% are gay. The team also delved into 569 interesting conversations, extracting from them 8 main subjects that the duo used to arouse the other:

sexual dominance:

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(are you my sex slave?)

Sexual obedience :

(do whatever you want with me)


(you are mine)


(imagine someone watching us)

Directional phrases:

(“stronger! Faster!”)

Positive reinforcement:

(“I love your scent / you are strong”)

Intimate words:

(I love you, baby)

Expressions of reactions:

(yes, my God!).

How Dirty Talk Affects During Sexual intimacy?

These bold words challenge the taboo and contraindications when pronouncing them, and this increases the pleasure and pleasure of acting in a more sexual way in bed. The Medical Daily explains this practice, that everything starts in the brain because it is considered a stronger and more effective sexual organ than the genitals of men and women.

Altogether, the appropriate dose of dirty talk is enough to stimulate the brain, then the body. Sex therapist Ava Cadell says that the sexual speech that the couple shares in bed, which raises fanciful ideas that the couple may not want to apply in reality, makes things more exciting and lively, especially if they are spoken of. Talking about what each duo would like to do or what has done in bed opens the doors for sexual dialogue, and giving titles and actions to what happens in Emotional intimacy increases the enjoyment of everything the body feels.

The truth is that the more comfortable we are about talking about sex, the better our sex life becomes, and thus finding it difficult to express these matters turns on our sexuality. Dirty talk in one way or another allows the individual to succumb to his deepest imaginative thoughts, isn’t that sex in the end?

In an interview with a female sex worker by the American magazine Maxim, about the art of dirty talk, she tells how she builds a sexual fantasy for her clients over the phone and for hours on end. And how to carefully draw pictures in the mind of the speaker on the phone to feel the excitement, without even seeing or touching them, so that he unleashes his sexual imagination, which is usually limited in his real life.

Dirty talk to this girl is an art that the partner should master and practice with constant innovation and renewal. Repetition of dirty talk that lack feelings and accuracy does not help to that extent. Describing the physical movements and what the partner does during sex immediately increases the excitement, as if he sees things with a three-dimensional effect, he feels what the other is doing, watches it, smells it, tastes it and hears it all.

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What do men and women say?

Statistics suggest that women prefer to pronounce words about Sexual intimacy and submission, and men love to hear them. Women who are strong in life and work love more submissive talk in bed, for a biological reason that the “amygdala” interacts better with her. That part of the brain is our fear center and more than anything else is involved in the arousal and pleasure of sex. The minds of women and men have different biological configurations from each other, which makes the term excitement different for both groups. The women feel the climax of orgasm from their ears, and indeed women are more hearing and men more sight.

Delving into the idea that some sexual speech stimulates the transmission of dopamine in a person, New York-based sexual relations specialist Logan Levkoff says that the favorite sexual phrase for men is “I reach the climax”, ” I’m Coming ” as if it is the biggest proof that he knows his girlfriend’s pleasure, and he pushes himself even to reach orgasm with her. . Whereas women like to hear expressions that give actions to feelings and describe feelings,

Just as if a person was eating a delicious dish and at the same time describing how delicious it is, which makes him even more appetizing yet, along the lines of “I love what you do with my body now / I love why you accept me like this.” Things differ in public places to bring sexual expressions closer to each other, which opens the door to more conservative expressions than what is said in bed, and serves as an introduction and dialogue for a physical encounter, based on the style of “I wish to be alone / don’t look at me like this, you know It turns me on / I want you now, let’s go ”.

Whether it is in bed, in the car, or anywhere else, in a vertical or horizontal position, with or without clothes, none of this matters, because most of the time the result is the same: in a few and long minutes, they will experience an orgasm. Amazing.. may be repeated over and over. Does the hunt for multiple orgasms really exist, or is it a false illusion that some drown in it? And why do frequent orgasms appear to be a “powerless” issue for men?

The Orgasm Mystery

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For some, orgasm is a great pleasure, while others find it a frustrating mystery. In fact, the orgasm is the complete discharge of sexual excitement that has accumulated during the stages of sexual intercourse, in other words, it is the intense sexual pleasure that occurs during sexual activity.

However, diving deeply into the science of female reproductive organs and their functions carries many surprises, especially since there are some points that scientists and academics are still debating about, such as the question of how to arouse sexual pleasure in women? What is the underlying goal of female orgasm? Does it serve a specific purpose or is it just an evolutionary accident?

No matter how long the period of sexual intercourse is, it is normally not more than half an hour or a little more. Sex ends and passion extinguishes. As for foreplay, touching, and flirting, it cannot be limited to a period of time, but rather the opposite. The longer you ignite the desire, the more you make bodies and souls more closely together to become in a state of beautiful harmony that demands more.

Sexual intercourse is reduced to some positions that may change, differ or be repeated depending on the activities of the two partners and the nature of the relationship between them. There are those who repeat the same position and there are people who feel more pleasure when they experiment with multiple positions. As for foreplay, they have no identity and cannot be defined in a specific framework. It varies with different people and how well they know their bodies and places of pleasure. There is no place for boredom during sexual foreplay.

One of the benefits of sexual foreplay is that the two partners know each other, meaning that they will guide each other on the places of pleasure in their bodies through touch, whispering, exciting speech, and dirty talk that will contribute to their total discovery and the physical-spiritual closeness between them. Pleasure is not restricted to one place in the body because it is the source of desires.

Sexual pleasure can be aroused everywhere if the two partners are in a comfortable position and are ready to give foreplay the right to completely surrender to sexual desire, either through caressing the partner or even touching oneself in front of him or watching a sexy movie together or reading books that help with that and other methods.

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80 years of consecutive studies of female orgasm have proven that only one in four women experiences orgasm during intercourse and that most women reach orgasm through external foreplay. This also means that, contrary to what many believe, measuring the penis or the time that the two partners spend during intercourse is not the woman’s first priority, but rather that she wants to reach an orgasm. The theory applies to men of advanced age, as the ability to have erections decreases, and foreplay is also necessary to preserve sexual pleasure on both sides.

One of the most important components of sexual attraction: imagination. When you close your eyes and begin to visualize the moment you meet your loved one and experience the most special feelings with them. Then you discover that he exchanges the same feelings with you to translate all of this through the expression of the body away from the routine of sexual intercourse, for sexual foreplay many methods and keep the test anonymous and thus interesting.

Apart from its importance in fueling sexual pleasure in both partners, research indicated that sexual foreplay has direct effects on the individual in terms of improving his psychological, physical and even professional health. We all need to feel safe during a sexual relationship, which is supposed to be an expression of passion, attraction, and love.

Whispering Dirty Talk in the partner’s ears

There’s nothing sexier than dirty talk at the right time and right position, try it and watch what’s going to happen and see the reaction on your partner’s face. come close to your partner ear.. breath softly ” and say something like; ” I love the way you lick my nipple ” Or ” I like to get fingered tonight ”.

From those soft touches, kisses and whispers moving on our bodies, whispering dirty talk in a partner’s ears.. we feel the love of others, their desire for us and their longing for us, and this has a strong effect on our feeling that we are wanted and loved and not only a tool for emptying. Our mental health becomes better as a result of our feeling of love and security, and this is reflected in our physical comfort because the heartbeat speeds up as our bodies prepare for sexual intercourse, and every member of us is recruited for that moment, so our nervous system secretes oxytocin, which is responsible for reducing our psychological stress.

Psychoanalysts agree that there is a strong link between a person’s happy sex life and their psychological and physical health. The more comfortable they are in sex, the more productive and focused they are, the stronger their self-image, and the more able to face the daily and intractable pressures of life. This also affects the physical immunity, and thus the individual’s health, his physical structure, and his ability to fight diseases.

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