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8 signs that indicate she’s falling in love with you

Some girls do not express their feelings directly, but they give some hints, and to know the signs that the girl is falling in love, we mention the following:


falling in love, love is blind, girls

One of the most important signs that a girl is falling in love and a man can realize that by smiling at him when she sees him, or when he talks to her.

Smile is the key to hearts, and it is the origin of the beginning of the relationship, so a smile when we meet is the most beautiful expression of love and an expression of joy for those we love. when we meet them, when we falling in love, and when the lover is gone, the desire and thinking begins, what does he doing right now! and what does he thinking about! and with whom he speaks! the heart of the lover girl remains busy always and thinking, wandering, whenever the beloved is absent.

And when she meets him again, the smile appears bright, and cheerful on her cheeks, and she appears delighted and in the utmost joy, and you can distinguish that smile from others!

Spending time and talk

The desire to spend time with him and talk with him, One of the signs that a girl falling in love is that she wants to spend all of her time with him or to spend some good time of her day seeing him, or talking to him.

And when a girl falling in love, she becomes bolder and may go about doing things that she did not do in the past, such as being overly audacious, for example, or going looking for the person she loves or trying to go to places where he could be in to see him, or perhaps invent some things Or excuses in order to run into him, or perhaps she asks one of her friends to harass him or talk to him about something in order to test it, or perhaps she leaves her book on the bench deliberately in order to attract his attention or something like that – love is blind!

Talking about her matters

If a girl talks about her matters with a guy, and she informs him of her affairs directly, whether good or bad news, then that indicates she trusts him, and she considered him a special person and an important person in her life as well.

Making joint plans

If the girl makes plans for her life and includes him without asking him if he wants to do so, then this indicates that she loves him, and this is a wonderful sign.

Taking the opinion

Taking his opinion on the matters of her life, If the girl seeks advice and the opinion of him on the matters of her life, this indicates her respect and appreciation for him, which is a positive and distinctive thing for him.

Buying gifts

When a girl buys a gift for him, even if she is young, even its a simple gift, this indicates her love and admiration for him.

Communication through eyes

A man can know that the girl loves him by continuing to look at him a lot, this indicates her interest and love for him.

According to an article published by the BBC, it takes between 90 seconds and 4 minutes for your heart to beat with love. Interestingly, our sense of love is largely made up of body language, in which the eyes play a large role. Some studies have shown that:

55% of the feelings of love come through the signals and gestures of the body.
38% by hearing the tone and rhythm of the other party’s voice.
Speaking only plays 7% in the love experience.

Perhaps if we think of love at first sight, we can conclude that it occurs mainly through the eyes. Through the eyes, two strangers can get caught in the net of love and make contact. This is what happened over the ages, as the eye was sometimes the only mechanism of communication.

Attention to the external appearance

Once a girl loves, this can remind her of all courtesies she heard in her life, particularly matters associated with her aesthetic look, as her interest can increase when she falling in love, and her care for her hair and face will appear until she is at her best.

falling in love

The most important secrets when a girl’s falling in love :

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In addition to the above, I would like to mention that when a girl falling in love, she cannot speak openly with the one she loves, and in return, she cannot hide her feelings or control it, as she is considered to be the secrets and codes that the man must understand.

Here, I would like to mention the most important secrets of girls when they fall in love:

The girl becomes shy

The girl’s sudden feeling of shy is one of the most important secrets of the girls and the signs that reveal her love when she meets the one she loves, and it is considered an involuntary reaction due to the interaction of her emotion when seeing him or talking to him or even by looking at his eyes, and many times the girl resorts to nervousness to escape the shy that reveals the secret of her falling in love.

The girl’s behavior becomes childish

These child behavior occur without awareness, as they give up the monotony in dealing with him, and these are among the signs that are easily discoverable to a man when a girl has feelings towards him.

The girl begins an initiative to talk to him

The girl opens the doors of dialogue until she spends a period with her loved one without disclosing her desire to talk to him.

The girl’s interest in her outward appearance

When a girl is falling in love she begins to pay attention to her outward appearance more than usual so that she will impress and draw his attention.

A girl becomes curious

One of the secrets of girls when falling in love with a man is that she begins to ask questions about his personal life and the matters that concern him,

and these are considered clear signs that can be distinguished by the others, as these questions are not voluntary and the girl cannot prevent herself, and she may turn into a secret investigator to find out the details of his life until she finds the way to his heart and approach to him.

How do you know who loves you in secret?

falling in love, love is blind, girls

Mutual glances

People prefer looking at the people they love, and avoiding looking at the people they do not like, and oxytocin, a neurochemical substance, may be responsible for increasing theoretical communication, as oxytocin levels rise from mutual looks, and provides a sense of safety, personality, which increases gravity reciprocal, before falling in love, as oxytocin increases the expansion of the pupil, which indicates internal attention,

The more this expansion of the pupil, the more people feel more attracted towards each other, but there is a thin line between increased theoretical communication and staring, which is considered impolite behavior and can be increased out of the theoretical by looking, and then do the head wrap to break the look, the other person has not considered a prolonged view as staring as head wraps.


People who love each other imitate their body movements, as imitation can help establish connection and bonding, and it can also be used to test whether the person being spoken to loves him when he meets him or not, and the person imitates his body position, and after the meeting ends, he changes the position of the body, and if the other person imitates this position within several seconds, then he most likely admires him or- falling in love.

The smile

A common smile is one of the biggest signs of falling in love and admiration, but it must be a real smile and remain for an appropriate period. A quick smile can seem untruthful, while a smile that lasts for a very long time can seem frightening, and the secret smile Shared to impress.

Smooth body movements

The speed with which a person moves gives an idea whether he loves the opposite side or not, and if the person’s movements are fast and convulsive, this indicates that he is uncomfortable or feels nervous, and on the other hand if his movements are slow and comfortable, then this indicates that he – falling in love with the person Who is with him.


When a person meets a person he has – falling in love with, the blood flows to his face, which makes the cheeks red, as the body tries in this way to attract the opposite sex. This is the reason why women apply blush, and this also applies to the lips and eyes.


Studies have found that when a person is near an attractive person, his heart rate increases, a person can feel an increase in the beats by noticing the speed of his breathing, and their palms temperature can also be felt which also increases.


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