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Best 10 ways to increase intimacy in a relationship

Life is changing and does not remain in one path, then a couple will be able to revive this love between them, So' there are a few things that make you able to renew love

Some specialized scientists, who conducted research on the link between intimate feeling and the practice of intimacy, concluded that love grows after the practice of sexual relations from a physiological standpoint. According to the researchers, the practice of intimacy does not require a deep love affair, but intimacy in a relationship may lead to a true love relationship.

And when scientists studied the areas that are active in the brain when they love or engage in intimacy, they found that love and sexual desire intersect in the two halves of the brain. And the addition of that study also: The intimacy in a relationship has positive aspects that benefit both men and women, most notably that it increases love between spouses, as there are secrets for improving the marriage relationship, so that the intimacy in a relationship is successful, including for example

increase emotional intimacy in a relationship
  • Relieving nervousness and stress that affect the relationship. Work stress, children, life in general.
  • Physical and psychological comfort, relaxation to reach sexual pleasure.
  • Avoiding modesty and shyness between spouses in the intimacy in a relationship, knowing the wife’s desires, her body, her feelings, what she has and what she can give in a sexual relationship, and knowing herself and her desires to reach pleasure with her partner.
  • Women have to know that a man is aroused by the eyes, unlike a woman who is aroused with passion, and feels that she’s desired.
  • Knowing when is the right time to practice intimacy.
  • Exercise to maintain health.
  • Eat healthy foods that contain natural stimulants.
  • The intimacy in marriage relationship increases the flow of the hormone endorphins, known as the “happiness hormone”.
  • The intimacy in a relationship between spouses increases their sense of happiness, which positively affects their daily relationship and their social and work life.
  • The marriage relationship removes bad thoughts from both spouses and relieves gynecological diseases such as annoying headaches

These points strengthen the love between spouses and improve the relationship and nourish it as it grows and grows, and the reason is, of course, the moderate intimacy in a relationship based on sincere feelings between the spouses.

Best way to increase intimacy in a relationship

Maintaining contact with her

This relationship communication is when you share your girlfriend with the smallest daily details, and you tell her about those thoughts that wander in your mind, the more your girlfriend talks about the small details in your life It has become possible to talk about everything, and care must be taken to make it a daily habit between them in which they chat about all the things that happened with both of you on that day.

Paying attention to her details

Paying attention to the little details of her is one of the things that makes you revive your love for her, one of the things that makes her revive this love for you such as remembering how you got to know each other, or remembering the places you first met, and other things, and this will make her revive all the feelings she feels Toward her future partner.

Writing a letter for her

increase intimacy in relationship

Writing small love letters are a dear affection for a girlfriend, there is nothing wrong with writing a paper letter in handwriting in which the lover expresses the extent of his love for her, and the extent of his gratitude for her presence in his life, and this can be very romantic for her, and she can read it again and again and put it in a box she owns until she returns to it now and again.

Having a good sense of humor

Having a sense of humor with her does not have to be a professional comedian to make your girlfriend laugh, all you have to do is search for funny situations from the daily events facing you and others, and put them in a funny way, but it is necessary to pay attention to that in times appropriate to the circumstances of both of you.

Notifying her of your self-confidence and your independence

Trust in oneself does not mean vanity or condescension to her at all, but rather, that her partner has his independent personality, in addition to his recognition of the negatives in the event of their presence, and trying to fix them, and also by getting her attention to the advantages that she enjoys, focus on its existence, and work on developing and improving it to improve your relationship.

Make your girlfriend one of your priorities

By making her the first before anything else, and put her in the foreground before friends and anything else, and this means if your girlfriend is interested in something, you must try to take care of it as well, or try to understand it and make this matter one of your priorities as well if you can, thus making her feel how important she is for you, and how much you love to maintain this common relationship between you.

Participation in activities that interest her

Should make an effort to appreciate some things your girlfriend cares about, even if you are not a big fan of these things, it is very important to show her that you are interested in what matters to her, then this will make her surprised and grateful for your interest at the same time, and this does not mean that you leave the things that you love or your activities, but it is important to try new things to improve intimacy life and the feelings you have for her.


Men may have less desire for different celebrations, or they may see it as a boring thing, but if she is your lover girlfriend, then this requires you to make a big difference in your relationship with her and improve it to the best level, as celebrating your girlfriend in the correct form, time, and the right place, and on the way that her suit ignites and improve intimacy in a relationship again, such as celebrating it on your special anniversary, or an occasion for her as her birthday, and other things as well.

Being honest

The most important basis to improve your relationship between both of you is honesty, so the man must deal with his girlfriend honestly, and avoid lying with anything even if it seems to him small, because these small lies may lead to the loss of this relationship completely, so, it must interacting with permanent honesty, as this enhances the love between both of you, and makes conversation and communication between you easier and smoother.

The ability to solve the problems

The problems facing you occur in any relationship, and you must have the ability to solve, and not stand at it, or leave it for another time, and the solution of the problems between you both depends on determining what this problem is, and this also helps to draw up a list of reasons,

The main thing for this problem to happen, and to achieve the best result must be to identify all points of disagreement, specifically those that both BF and GF refrain from talking about to avoid engaging in a long debate, then trying in finding solutions that suit both of you on all these issues.

And among the tips for solving problems, this can help to revive your relation, trying to remind her of the positive advantages in you, discussion for a specific problem, and not to focus only on defects and negatives until you feel the interest, and be patient until a suitable and definitive solution is found, and more than one solution can be found, and strive as much as possible to understand the point of view of your girlfriend.

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