take care of your partner, save your marriage

How to take care of your husband and save your marriage

Take care of the partner good initiative, respect, deep feelings, and warm words of love are strings that weave happy marital relations and save the marriage

Take care of the husband, good initiative, respect, deep feelings, and warm words of love are strings that weave happy marital relations, light rays that illuminate the love relationship with the husband, who the woman chooses to be her second half, the complementary spiritual partner for her, and the complementary part of her happiness, on which she depends, and lives he has, a life with love and affection for a long term relationship.

The husband needs to feel the feelings of his wife towards him, her interest in him, respect his desires, and take care of him, with good taste and a polite manner.
to connect them to the path of contentment, strengthens their relationship, and increases love and affection between them

How do i take care of my husband!

There are many ways to show the wife’s sincere concern and love for her husband, and take care of him including the following:

Supporting the husband

The husband relies on his wife, and he resorts to her when he feels distressed or sadness, and in case of difficult problems, or going through a difficult day at work, here comes the role of the wife by standing with her husband, take care of him, supporting him, providing adequate support, and sympathy with him to relieve fatigue and give him a boost of positive morale that helps him to overcome these obstacles, and sometimes the husband may experience some wrong behaviors that require the wife to stand with him and support him to change it, appropriately and politely, and effective relationship communication methods.

Trusting the husband and believing in his capabilities

Mutual trust is a strong bond that strengthens the relationship between two spouses, and the wife’s showing confidence in her husband is evidence of his love, her interest in him and her desire to grow and consolidate their long term relationship and maintain her health, and show confidence in the husband by relying on him and believing in his capabilities and different talents, expressing admiration for him, support him and support Some of his views, and confidence in his decisions as well.

Appreciation and thanks to the husband

take care of, caring of husband, save your marriage

Appreciation and thanks are as shown as one of the relationship manifestations of the wife’s interest in her husband, by following some methods, for example:
Appreciating the husband’s work and his efforts, Emphasizing its great role in meeting the needs of the family and building it, emphasizing the impact and importance of the husband’s role in raising and caring for children alongside his wife.

Praise and thank the husband for doing things that make the wife happy and satisfied, such as helping him with housework, or trying to prepare some meals.

Give simple gifts

The gift is one of the simple ways in which one expresses his love and interest, and the wife offers some simple gifts and exchanges with her husband is a clear indication of her interest in him and to make him happy, just as gifts deepen the culture of giving between them, and it is possible to choose normal days and gift the husband the simple things that make his day special, and make him happy, and joy to his heart, as the gift, despite its simplicity, may be an honest and expressive message that enters the heart quickly and indicates interest and affection towards its future.

The husband needs to spend time with his wife, and talk to her about various topics, in addition to exchanging them for feelings of love and warm emotions, and her role comes by allowing him to express his feelings, and his kindness and caring for her to give him enough space to express his needs and try to achieve them when able to do so, and listen to his views and his exchange of opinion, through good communication and understanding between them, in addition to leaving a special space for him sometimes, when he wants to silence or relax quietly, or after returning from work, or while busy with some things.

Consolidating the relationship with the husband’s parents

take care of, caring of husband, save your marriage

The wife can show concern and love for the husband by building a good relationship with his parents, she is also a part of the family, and she can show more beautiful feelings for him and his parents, or praise his high morals gained from them, as a gentle expression of her happiness with him, and appreciate the efforts of his parents, and gratitude for his presence in her life.

Pair the friendship

While the husband is the woman’s spiritual partner and companion to her path, his friendship and closeness to him is clear evidence of her love and interest in him, her desire to spend her time with him, and their happiness is shared together, she can also replace his friends and practice with him some of his favorite hobbies, such as watching TV, sports matches, Various films, and other means that bring them together and make him feel like his wife is the best companion for him.

The wife takes care of herself

The husband is attracted to the elegant wife who takes care of herself, and the interest in the external appearance, as well as the inner essence, and since her interest in herself is one of the manifestations of her interest in her husband.

Among the most important essentials of the wife taking care of herself for this purpose are ;

Eat a healthy diet to maintain a healthy body

take care of your partner& save your marriage
Attractive hairdressing Applying cosmetics that show the woman’s femininity and highlight her beauty.

Performing physical exercises to maintain high physical fitness and achieve optimum weight.
Wearing elegant clothes that suit the wife, taking into account the husband’s taste and favorite colors.

Attractive hairdressing
Applying cosmetics that show the woman’s femininity and highlight her beauty.
Caring for personal hygiene, such as trimming nails, bathing regularly and more.


Apology when mistake accrues, should be one of the wives’ most important concerns with her husband’s feelings, and her love for him, apologizing to him without hesitation and in a polite manner when committing mistakes against him, even if she was not intentionally, and accepting his apologies to her in return when he makes a mistake, so, he asked for forgiveness and tolerance between the spouses to maintain affection and intimacy in marriage between you and the promotion of a healthy relationship is necessary, just as the apology is a wonderful culture that indicates good manners and raises the value of one, and builds and strengthens love relationships.

Some tips to consolidate a long term relationship between the spouses, here are some tips that support the spouses, and secure a strong relationship between them, and explain the truth of a successful and happy marriage.

The maturity of the spouses and their full awareness of the truth of marriage which gives both many rights and in return requires them to perform some duties towards each other, The couple appreciates the value of married life because marriage has a great sanctity that requires them to respect each other and provide a healthy family environment suitable for their children in the future. Seeing marital life as a life based on love, affection, intimacy, and good morals for the couple, and the ability to share the dominance of beautiful feelings and emotions, and not only taking into account the rights and duties of each.

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