jealous, jealousy in relationship, healthy jealousy

Get Better JealousResults By Following 4 Simple Steps

Some studies indicate that more than 80% of women are keen to stir jealousy at their partner at least once during their emotional relationships

Jealousy has given a lot to humans, and by this feeling, people formed the Foundation for Family and Single marriage. At the dawn of mankind, this feeling protected the tribe from mixing blood with a neighboring tribe – subconscious men, with no knowledge of the field of psychology and psychiatry, and the women who were cautiously protected, whom they considered their own, from the transgression of strangers. Nature created a mental mechanism in order to preserve the unique features of the tribe, the DNA.

Consequently, jealousy over the spectrum of emotions that they form is very similar to what deceives people. Women are jealous of men, and they feel threatened by losing the “source of resources” to themselves and their offspring.

Some studies indicate that more than 80% of women are keen to stir jealousy at their partner at least once during their emotional relationships, we talking about healthy jealousy in this case as it is one of the ways to revive the emotional relationship, especially when focusing your efforts on it because the relationship in a long period get affected and both couples become busier with many other things.

jealous,jealousy in relationship,healthy jealousy

It is worth noting that, no matter how strong a woman is, her greatness, and her influence are, she does not forget jealousy over her life partner and husband, but the level of jealousy differs from one woman to another and there are reasons for that as well.

And every man at some point in his relationship with his life partner will have to deal with the jealousy of his life partner, but it must not exceed its limit as life will turn upside down, and the problems between the partners will increase so that the life of the husband and wife will become free from rest and away from Stability, but jealousy within the acceptable limits will be accepted by the life partner and has no problems at all.

Psychology has proven that a woman may become jealous when her weight increases or gets older or begins to neglect her outward appearance due to the many responsibilities held on her or any other reason that causes her to start losing her self-confidence and the man believes that whatever time passed over his relationship with his life partner he is surprised by her jealousy, despite he is always at her side, as the woman believes that he will forget her and search for another woman because of those things that mentioned previously.

Tips for arousing your partner and make him madly jealous


1. Spending time with friends

Spending time with friends one of the reasons why the partner is jealous of spending more time with friends, as he will feel that the girl can spend fun time away from him as well, so the girl should spend quality time with her friends and when he asks her about her time she should tell him about the fun time that she spent, and she always needed time for that, that will give him the impression of how happy and enjoyed the time without him.

And it is worth noting that going out with friends is a good way to make the young man jealous, but this does not mean that this is the only goal of meeting friends, of course.

2. Pretending to be busy!

If a man decides to cancel an appointment with his girlfriend after planning something because he does not have enough time, she does not have to stick to it and ask him to stay, but rather has to do the exact opposite of that, since she claims that she is busy will make him feel jealous, and she should not tell him what she wants doing this will make her partner jealous and make him wonder what she will do and how she will spend her time.

3. Speak briefly!

Dealing formally with the partner sometimes may be beneficial, as the girl can respond briefly to him, and not seem to be waiting for him to write, and speak to her impatiently, for example, when he asks her about her self, and her time, she does not have to respond immediately and inform him with all the details, but rather the best is to respond to him after 15 minutes, for example, and tells him that she is preparing to go out of the house even if she will not do so.

4 . Self-care

One of the best things a girl can do to make her current or former partner feel jealous is to spend time caring for herself and to listen to her time, such as being dressed elegantly or going to a sports club to improve her body appearance and fitness, and it’s okay by pampering yourself and getting a new haircut and new different clothes.

As this change in appearance will be helped increase self-confidence, and when the partner sees that the girl he left or who is with him got a beautiful appearance, and her confidence increased, he will feel the value of what he lost or what he neglects, and he will feel jealous towards her.

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