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Choosing a life partner | 10 things to consider

Most people devote their efforts when choosing a life partner to focus on their outward appearance of clothing and going on places where people meet, such as cafés and bars, yet, they may feel hesitant and shy about not reaching their goal and from entering into a state of frustration, but the best strategies that can be followed to find a partner the right life in the following:

Work on self-development

Work on Self-development by making a life partner the most acceptable person, on the other side of a marriage in terms of kindness, credibility, tact, and attractiveness, focusing on an interesting aspect of the personality (man or woman) and working to improve it, such as helping the needy people and doing different and new things while preserving the personal identity, digging deeper into the self by developing a mechanism for thinking and planning life matters.

Choosing a life partner who can be compatible with beliefs

Criteria for choosing a husband and wife:

The right husband or wife can be chosen so that each of them has some criteria and good qualities necessary to prove a healthy relationship and happy marriage together later, which can be recognized and tested during the engagement period. such as:

Trust and sincerity

Trust and sincerity is one of the most important pillars of the relationship, and an important criterion in the future life partner, and therefore trust must be adopted as a basis for the relationship between you, and faith in each other, and this shows through honesty and telling the truth to your partner and then your partner going to believing in you, avoiding fraud and deception because thus destroying precious trust and destabilizing it,

as well as not hiding the previous things that may concern unsuccessful relationships in the past, which may cause problems later if the partner discovered them by chance, thus showing the principles of trust from the beginning for each of them, that causes a person to believe in a life partner if he does not issue any behavior that calls him to doubt, to be honest when there are strange thoughts that stir him and raise his confusion, and not to penetrate his privacy and tamper with his property, accounts and personal devices without permission.

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Some people tend to search for an independent life partner who has a distinct personal appeal so that they share married life in harmony and happiness,

Maturity and take responsibility

The person who is going to marry must realize his intentions and importance, and have enough awareness and maturity that makes him know what he wants from a life partner in a long relationship, and therefore searches for a suitable a life partner who shares serious thinking in this decision, and marriage can be imagined as a leadership test that will continue for a long period, during which one feels tired, but he must continue to bear the responsibility to reach his goal, and make happiness in the end.

Therefore not everyone is mature and able to drive enough, and here we realize that the choice of the partner must be done carefully, and after testing his ability to assume the responsibilities, and requirements of marriage and make sure that the fairway, and sweetening emotional maturity, which frees from previous experiences and makes him learn from his mistakes, and acquires them a lesson, and strives for the success of his relationship and happiness in his marriage.

Possessing a distinctive and attractive personality

There are some personal criteria that both spouses want in their future life partner who will be sharing a long, spiritual life, and whose characteristics differ from one person to another, including the following:

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Some people tend to search for an independent partner who has a distinct personal appeal so that they share married life in harmony and happiness, but each of them maintains their own identity and independence, and they enjoy distinct interests, shared by their experiences of friendship and intimacy.

Wit and sense of humor

a life partner, marriage, a wedding dress

Husbands want to spend a happy life filled with joy, joy by sharing a friendly and gentle banter, a life partner with a sense of humor, but at the same time polite and gentle in his joking style, and serious at other times.

Feeling satisfied

One of the most important criteria for choosing a life partner is the feeling of consent and acceptance of the other, and this does not mean condoning the existence of some missteps and faults in everyone, but in return, it is accepted and evaluated as much as possible later, and not marrying only because it is a decision made by one and desires or imposed upon him, but rather choosing a life partner who feels attracted and admired, loves him as he is and wants to have a happy life with him,

Ability to communicate well with a partner

Communication is an essential key to relationships, and it is a reason for the subsequent marriage of the spouses and the consolidation of their relationship, and therefore both spouses must be able to communicate with each other well, through the following :

Understanding and agreeing together

This is evidenced by the presence of common denominators between the spouses that meet harmony, intellectual harmony, and emotional harmony between them, and make them more understanding, and enables them to compromise and sympathize with each other on various issues, thus reconciling their hearts and supporting their relationship later.

Openness and acceptance of criticism

It is imperative that both parties accept constructive criticism, and exploit it in a way that develops their personalities, in addition to being open to others ’opinions, respecting them, presenting their opinions and expressing them freely, and in a polite manner at the same time, and openly and logically without sensitivity, impulsivity, and attack on the ideas of the other party.

Respect for each other

The spouses may not agree with all of their ideas, and this is normal. because we are different and contradict the views and desires, but this does not negate the importance of respect between them, and dealing with the partner politely and decently despite the difference in values and beliefs between them.

Expressing emotional intimacy and making love

Each one needs to feel the interest of the other party, as love and passion are one of the important criteria in marriage, and requires the ability of the couple to give, and present these beautiful feelings with sincere time for the partner, provided that love is not the only reason for marriage because marital life requires other important elements In a life partner like i mentioned earlier.

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Choose a life partner before you choose a wedding dress

There are some other characteristics and criteria for choosing couples for each other, including:

The ability to engage in kind and good relationship communication with the partner’s family, which is a reason for entering hearts and deepening with the family as a new person, and increases the partner’s happiness and satisfaction.

Using calm dialogue, allowing the partner to speak comfortably, and listening to him especially when he is upset, is a reason for improving communication in a relationship and strengthening their relationship.

There are some slight differences in interests and hobbies that partners can learn to change the routine, provided that the difference in values, principles and personalities is not to impede the understanding and harmony of the spouses later.

The partner exhibits some special characteristics, or his abstinence from others, which are very personal matters in which husbands differ, such as the desire of one of them to associate with a non-smoking person, for special reasons, and other characteristics.

Expressing admiration and appreciation, as one’s appreciation of a life partner and his admiration for what he loves or praises for his qualities, such as, makes him want to continue with him forever.

There are other criteria about joint decisions in the life of the spouses and their plans, and they differ between husbands, such as the couple’s desire to have children right after marriage.

The financial status of the couple, and the financial matter that must be agreed upon before the engaging, the need to get acquainted with each other in the period that precedes the marriage.

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