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10 Bedroom Secrets Tips You Need To Learn Now

Passionate Sex

The pulse of a marriage is determined by the sexual chemistry shared between the couple. Yet, this intimate aspect is filled with trepidation, stress, and anxiety, even as many marriages head for a break-up when matters aren’t all that well in the bedroom. Sex is the ultimate and natural expression of two people in love. It’s sacred and beautiful, yet with amateurs, can easily lead to discord. The market contains a plethora of information by way of books and there’s the internet, which claims to educate people of this electrifying phenomenon. Nevertheless, here we help you to understand sex better. 

What Sex Shouldn’t Be

Psychological preparation is imperative before you take the plunge. Don’t confuse between lust and love. While lust is purely physical, love is a tender feeling you entertain for another human. When sex is the culmination of love, sex is more satisfying, than when it is out of need. Give your partner and yourself time to relax before you initiate intimacy. This is especially important when you are a man, as women need more time to get intimate. Remember, friendship is the basis of any relationship and should be in the case of matrimony too, as camaraderie, results in spontaneous and enjoyable sex. 

Common Problems Men Face

Sex, like old wine, gets better with time. As newlyweds, in the throes of passion, you might discover that sex isn’t all that it’s made out to be. A man may suffer from performance anxiety and here a woman could make a wonderful partner if she deals with understanding. Demanding women can make men temporarily impotent! Premature ejaculation is a common problem. Here, exercising self-control is the only solution, along with the stop-start-technique. 

Light pressure on the head of the penis for a few seconds also helps to stop ejaculation and start the penetration processes again, Premature ejaculation improves with age and experience. Erectile dysfunction is common among older men or those who suffer from diabetes etc. Regular exercising and medical check-ups can help.

Common Problems Women Face

Women suffer from performance anxiety of a different kind, wherein they’re anxious about not attaining an orgasm. Some women in order not to hurt their partners, fake it. However, by faking, you’re cheating none, but yourself! It’s a fact that women take time to achieve an orgasm. Instead, if you overcome awkwardness and explain to your man what turns you on and how to turn you on, he’ll be grateful. Remember that. 

Foreplay That’s A Sure Turn-on!

The best sex occurs between two heads and not between the two legs. In sharing such needs, your bond gets fortified. Don’t be ravenous. At least during your initial attempts, indulge in a lot of foreplay. Women are known to warm up with sufficient foreplay and can achieve orgasms faster. However, with extended foreplay, men may find it hard to wait, but exercising self-control increases sensitivity. 

Nature has been kind and just to both and women. While men attain orgasms faster, women can attain multiple ‘O’s’, all at one go! But who said you ought to restrict your imagination only to the sexual organs? Fingering her, tantalizing with your tongue etc can be as effective! Women must remember that physical proximity too, can be pleasurable. Enjoy the act instead of fretting over the elusive orgasm. 

Treat your partner’s whole body to a treat! Nibbling at the ears, a soft kiss at the sides of the neck or the nape of the neck, at the navel, the back, and knee, sucking at the toe, are all known to stoke the flame. The base of the spine is known to contain sensitive nerve endings. Lightly rubbing this area is known to create a spark! 

You can spend a long time caressing her body until you feel that she has reached the stage of ecstasy, you can whisper dirty talk while licking her nipple, this will have a great effect on your partner’s ears, whisper in her ears gently, and continue talking smoothly while kissing and fingering her vagina! If you felt she’s starting to warm up, gently ask her to lie down on her stomach and start another stage of playing on her back.

You have a large space to play here, enjoy the excitement in this area, and slightly stinging slapping on the butts, it will help lot’s, if she didn’t like that, don’t panic, do some massage, massaging her butts this is sure will impress her


Although quite unheard of, after-play is when you snuggle close to each other post the sweet aftermath of an intimate time. Men beware not to turn away and doze. Hugging her or even talking, cements your bond. Of course, avoid commenting on any bloopers. 


While you had the energy to experiment with varied positions during your initial encounters, with time, you just want to get through with it. Let Vatsayana’s Kamasutra be at your bedside and you’ll be eager as before. Although pornography is an easy option, some women may develop an aversion to it, and most often pornography gives exaggerates. 

Sex Can Be Fun

Sex needn’t always be sentimental; it can be fun. Teasing each other, touching in a non-sexual way, poking fun at each other without taunting, tickling, etc are all fun ways to bond!

Try to have sex with joy and laughter, break the sexual routine and see the results. For example, pour some honey or cream on her breasts and let it run on the navel and vagina and start licking it,

Start softly slapping her butts, raise the level and let her hurt a little bit, try to make fun, and some funny actions


During menopause, women do experience a lull. Lubrication is the solution to dryness. Mood- swings, etc can be handled by exercise, diet, and counseling. In extreme cases, HRT helps. Remember, you may be past your childbearing age, and sex at this phase can be stress-free! Being married for a while now can be exhilarating. 

Wild Passions

Passion spruces up monotonous encounters. Share your fantasies and do act them out. All’s fair in love and war!

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